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Thursday, December 11, 2014

This weeks art: Wreathmaking

I have formulated an art concept that is going to take  up numerous panels, I think, and take ages to complete. I will try to get a panel done a week.

In the meantime, I created this wreath this week.  It started out as the small white wreath make with that deco mesh, and I decided it was too small.  So I went and made a bigger wreath out of Burlap, and I liked it, but not it was a little plain.

Finally I got some wire and attached the two wreaths.  I am happy with the outcome.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Shakespeare not for black people? Think again.

My favorite Shakespeare versions
It was reported today that a "top Shakespearean actress says black people are not interested in theatre (Shakespeare most specifically) as it is part of white culture".  It is not in their (our) DNA she said.

Well, Shakespeare may  not be in my DNA, as in I may not be a descendant, but I have always been interested in and intrigued by Shakespeare, especially since it can be interpreted in many ways and transposed into many cultures.  Yet, Janet Suzman, says black people are just not interested.  She's seriously misinformed. Now I don't think this woman is racist at all. She's just reporting what she sees, where she has worked, that there haven't been many blacks in the audience. I propose a different issue. Perhaps the ticket prices are out of line... cost prohibitive for many, especially the black working class.  Perhaps, and most likely, she is only seeing the upper-upper class in theatre audiences, and only a very few of those people are black... But, she is letting her eyes override her good sense.

She needs to get out more.

These people and others would disagree with her:

Thursday, December 04, 2014

art and unrest

When I am quiet, it is because I have been thinking.

As a mother of a young black man, it is hard to ignore the feeling that young black men are literally being hunted. It use to just be that they were incarcerated at an alarming rate, or that they did not get into college, often both. But now they could be just going about their own business, meet up with the wrong person who perceives them as a threat, and game-over.

From Travon to Micheal Brown, to Eric Garner, the unrest in the streets matches the unrest in my heart, but is there any way to talk about it without seeming racist? I don't know.  How about we talk about the 14 teenagers killed by cops since Micheal Brown, some black, some white, many carrying nothing more than a BB Gun.  Too many cops act first, and then ask questions.   Yes, Body cameras on police are a good idea.  Will they fix the problem?  Probably not.

My art this week started out as a series of circles.  I then just scribbled out my pain on paper.  That's what if felt like.  The outcome is kind of dark.  Scary eyes and tentacles from an unknown sources controlling and/or torturing the faceless people.

So here is my piece. Here is how I feel right now.